Attenti a quei due

(Pay attention at those two)

The stars of the show are two very special puppets:
- GIULIO , a dog that is very curious and greedy of candy.
- FABIOLA a sweet, cheeky, hot-temepered, little girl with the charms of a clown.
It's a meeting of extraordinary excitement between two characters surprisingly communicative, that involve ,amaze and lead the audience into the world of string puppets which in popular imagination is, wrongly so, aimed primarily at children. In fact, they have the power to delight and thrill people of all ages, reminding everyone the need for wonderment as essential food for our soul.

And to quote Andrè Breton's words in his  manifestos of  Surrealism:
"the marvelous is always beautiful, anything marvelous is beautiful, in fact only the marvelous is beautiful."




- Puppeteer and puppet creator :
Nives Valsecchi
Giancarlo Casati

- Duration: versions of 30  or 45minutes
- minimum space required: m. 4x 4 in rather flat space


FABIOLA and GIULIO are perfect for parade and walking acts too.
They move round in any type of situation, interacting with passer-bys, following other pushchairs and dogs, playing tricks, stopping in front of candy shops, having tantrums, etc