La Fabiola Funny Show

FABIOLA is an extremely sophisticated string puppet, animated by a complex system of strings that allow her to move the body and also all details of the face and to interact with the audience in a surprisling natural way, breaking the thin wall that exist between reality and fiction and without saying a word.
She enters the scene sitting in a pushchair... slowly she makes her first steps and starts joking with the pubblic, culminating in a playfully falling in love on someone in the audience. At this  point she starts doing all sorts of things to try and send him a message of love. Her hilarious folly will get  her to write, type, answer the phone, sing , dance and wink in a growing up of sketches and will take the audience to interact to her as if she were alive.
To know her is to love her!!!

The performance includes music and it's totally without words.

- Puppeteer and puppet creator :
Giancarlo Casati

- Duration: 30 minutes
- minimum space required: m. 3 x 3 in rather flat space


FABIOLA is perfect for parade and walking acts too.

She moves round in any type of situation, interacting with people, following other push chairs , playing tricks, stopping in front of candy shops, having tantrums, etc...